A birthday is a special day for both children and adults.

It is a day full of impressions and unforgettable emotions that we are able to guarantee! TEPfactor is a unique place where everyone will integrate, work in a team and have a great time. 🙂

They can take part in the fun at TEPfactor children over 10 years old life. Children under the age of 15 should be supervised by adults. However, adults do not have to take part in the game, but we encourage you to play together.

In our cave is located animatorwho explains the rules of the game to children and is at their disposal if they need help in completing a specific challenge, but does not look after them while playing. It is possible to rent an additional one exclusive animator.

The group of participants is divided into teams of two to six people in which we choose one captain. He waits for the participants 25 challenges (20 open and 5 bonus) in three different difficulty levels (Bronze / Silver / Gold). In addition, the challenges are divided into four categories: dexterity, physical strength, logic and patience. At the end of the game, the TEPfactor will show which team was better in which categories and how long it took them to overcome obstacles and complete tasks.

The time it takes to walk the entire park is from 3 to 4 h. Children do not choose challenges in TEPfactor, all are available to them. There is also no specific set route, the order of completing tasks is arbitrary. Participants overcome challenges in sportswear and sports shoes.

Children's birthdays are valid until the age of 15. 



We offer 3 birthday packages for children: Bronze, Silver, Gold. How do they differ?

  • Bronze Pack is an option of 3-hour fun + additionally paid snacks, cake, pizza and white or colored tableware.
  • Silver Pack is an option of 3 hours of fun, unlimited menu, a slice of pizza included + additionally paid cake and white or colorful tableware.
  • Gold package is an option of 3-hour fun with an unlimited menu, white tableware, a slice of pizza and a birthday room included in the price!

Take a look at the details of each package, which has been prepared according to the experience of our employees and the wishes of customers.

You cannot bring your own refreshments to the TEPfactor premises. We agree only to bring your own cake in selected packages.

In our cave, while having fun, parents can take advantage of the full offer of our bistro.
Fresh coffee and tea are waiting for them there. They can also order a mix of fresh cakes available in the package 🙂


bronze package

silver package

gold package

We can accept your reservation at any time, you will receive its confirmation by e-mail, but for its final confirmation we need a deposit (payment by bank transfer, card or cash on site).

Deposit transfer details:

TEPfactor Sp z o. o., Aleje Jerozolimskie 179, 02-222 Warsaw

VAT-EU: 9512458391, REGON (Company registration Number): 369777949

mBank: 86114010100000357962001006

Transfer title: reservation number from the system

Amount: PLN 400

TEPfactor is the perfect birthday party destination for teens and adults!

An unforgettable adventure in the only Sports and Entertainment Park in Poland!

Before coming to TEPfactor, please take a look at our  birthday rules.


Information and reception

+48 668 088 508

Beat TEPfactor on a level GOLD and win the game and accommodation in TEPfactor Slapy in the Czech Republic!