Hen and stag parties in Warsaw! 

Warsaw is a city full of attractions, but you will only find one like ours in Blue City Shopping Center! You will remember it for the rest of your life!

TEPfactor is the perfect place for integration before the rest of the hen and stag party.

The group of participants is divided into teams of 2 to 6 people in which we select one captain. He waits for the participants 25 challenges: 20 open and 5 bonus in three different difficulty levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold. In addition, the challenges are divided into four categories : dexterity, physical strength, logic and patience. At the end of the game, the TEPfactor will show which team was better in which categories and how long it took them to overcome obstacles and complete tasks. 

The whole game is designed intuitively - of course, everything is supervised by the group trained animatorswho explain the rules of the game at the beginning of the game and are available later in the cave if there are any difficulties in completing the challenges. The time it takes to walk the entire park is from 3 to 4 h.

The whole game can be guided in English language if there is such a need - we can also register only some English-speaking teams.

After the game and integration, we invite you to use our bistro with snacks, drinks and craft beer.

TEPfactor Sports and Entertainment Park is the perfect place for an unforgettable hen and stag party.


Martin Rola

Martin Rola

Operations Manager

Beat TEPfactor on a level GOLD and win the game and accommodation in TEPfactor Slapy in the Czech Republic!