your challenges


Learn patience

Use your agility

Seek solutions

Be observant

Solve puzzles

Get tips

Race against time

Challenge board

In the TEPfactor Amusement Park, 25 challenges from 4 categories are waiting for you: physical strength, patience, dexterity and logic.

20 of them are open challenges that you enter using a special watch that you receive when registering a team at the reception. 4 of them are bonus challenges. The last 25 are the final challenge with prizes. To get into the bonus rooms you need to get a 5-digit code for them. How to do it? Find out from our animator.

There are 3 difficulty levels to choose from in each challenge: Bronze, Silver and Gold. The higher the difficulty level, the less time you have to complete the challenge, and the moving pieces will move faster, but that means more points and a better chance of winning great prizes.

The game time starts when you log in to the first challenge and ends when you return your watch to the reception.

There is a monitor in the TEPfactor Cave to keep track of the participants' time. You decide when the game ends.

Any challenge that lights up green is open and can be entered. A challenge that glows blue means someone is inside and you must wait your turn.

Once per game, you get a JOKER for one of the 20 regular challenges. If a task turns out to be too difficult for you, our animator will give you a joker and pass the challenge.

The game requires a sports outfit and variable sports shoes.