Integration in Tepfactor is great, exciting fun consisting primarily of cooperation between team members.

The perfect place for a company event in Warsaw? TEPfactor!

Thanks to us you will rediscover team building! What's more, you will test your colleagues in real action and experience an amazing adventure full of laughter and adrenaline. This is the only place in Poland that will check your teamwork in as many as 4 categories: physical strength, dexterity, logic and patience!

Why us?

TEPfactor Warsaw is our third location in the world. The branch in the Czech Republic has been operating for over 9 years, the branch in Dubai for 4 years. We specialize in team integration and we guarantee unforgettable integration events. In our cave, every challenge can only be completed by working together.

Our huge advantage is that all teams enter the game at the same time.

TEPfactor is for all companies that appreciate unconventional ideas for team building and want to experience a real adventure full of endorphins and adrenaline.

Team building for companies

We have already organized thousands of integration events and we know it like no one else. A company meeting for employees, clients or contractors at TEPfactor is, above all, comprehensive service, individual approach to the client and full professionalism. At TEPfactor, we will help you strengthen relationships between employees, break away from desk work and check your strengths and weaknesses. The unique team game TEPfactor will test whether you are well-coordinated in a team and show whether you cooperate effectively, and above all, it will create unforgettable moments full of fun and laughter. We also offer a conference room for 30 people, a chillout zone and a bistro corner with snacks and drinks. We also offer a wide range of catering options including alcoholic beverages. We also offer conference room rental and extended opening hours of our center for evening events. You will find us in the center of Warsaw in the Blue City Shopping Center on the 3rd floor. Before coming to TEPfactor, please read our  safety rules.


TEPfactor is not an escape room in Warsaw, it is a sports and entertainment park, where a group of participants is divided into teams of 2 to 6 people in which we select one captain. He waits for the participants 25 challenges: 20 open and 5 bonus in three different difficulty levels: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

The whole game is designed intuitively - of course, everything is supervised by the group trained animatorswho explain the rules of the game at the beginning of the game and are available later in the cave if there are any difficulties in completing the challenges. The time it takes to walk the entire park is from 3 to 4 h.

The whole game can be guided in English language if there is such a need - we can also register only some English-speaking teams.

Test yourself and your team on a crazy roller coaster where you are not allowed to touch the floor. Keep your balance on the pyramid, run through the moving Colosseum or enter the dark Spider Web! These are just a few of the challenges that await your company in TEPfactor! After the game, you will sit down with dinner and a glass of wine, discussing your results and sharing your impressions of the integration!


Do you want to thank your business partners? TEPfactor is the right place. On request, we rent the entire facility exclusively. We will organize full catering, decorate the interior in accordance with the chosen style, provide a bartender, animator or other additional attractions. We also have a conference room at our disposal. In our offer you will also find gift vouchers that are perfect as a gift for your customers.

If your company needs a cost invoice now - just contact our events department!

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Jarek Łuczaj

Jarek Łuczaj

Branch manager

Wiola Łuczaj

Wiola Łuczaj

Event Manager

Beat TEPfactor on a level GOLD and win the game and accommodation in TEPfactor Slapy in the Czech Republic!