How to dress?

Bring comfortable, sporty clothes and a change of shoes.

How many people are in one team?

Teams can consist of 2 to 6 players. The more people in the team, the more fun!

Is TEPfactor only for athletic people?

TEPfactor is entertainment for everyone. Bring a group with you and get ready for some great fun. In TEPfactor you will find four categories of tasks: physical strength, logical thinking, patience and manual dexterity, the performance of which depends only on you and your team.

Is TEPfactor for children?

Children over 10 years old and 140 cm tall can participate in the Tepfactor game. Children up to 15 years of age can stay in the facility only under adult supervision. Children aged 10-11 must have an adult on their team.

How long does the game last? What is the price?
Estimated playing time is 3-4 hours. However, it is up to everyone how much time they spend in the game - there is no time limit. The price is calculated proportionally for each minute of play, so you pay exactly for the time spent. We accept payment by cash and credit card.
The current price list can be found here. 

You can use promotional vouchers on our website. Vouchers must be purchased at least one day before booking, as they are valid from the next day.  

You will find current promotions here 

Where in the world is TEPfactor based?

We are located in the Czech Republic, Poland and Dubai. Find out more about our locations by going to the Locations section.

Is it possible to organize a birthday at TEPfactor?

Yes, we organize birthdays for children from 10 years old and for adults. You will find the offer here 

Do I have to make reservations when buying a voucher?
Yes, a reservation is necessary as the voucher is valid for 1 month, 3 months or more and can be used within the validity period.
Do I have to buy a voucher when making a reservation?
No. In such a situation, we charge for the actual time spent in the game to the minute.
Should I make a reservation first or buy a voucher?
The order is arbitrary. Please note that the voucher is valid from the day following the purchase.