Regulations applicable at TEPfactor:
1. Each Participant performs exercises in individual zones and devices located in the Park on their own and exclusive
responsibility and risk, regardless of the awareness of one's abilities and health. Responsibility for children and
minorsborne by their guardians.

2. The owner of the facility is only responsible for any damages and injuries caused by poor technical conditions
sports facilities and equipment.

3. The Participant is aware and accepts the fact that the Park Organizer is released completely from any liability for:
any damages, including in particular injuries, bodily injuries and their effects resulting from the use of the Park; destroyeda
or damage to items belonging to people using the Park;

4. InputAccess to the playroom is possible after signing the statement and accepting the TEPfactor regulations.

5. Children over the age of 10 can participate in the game.

6. Children under the age of 15 can enter the sports area and take part in sports activitiesonly under constant
supervised by an adult and signed by one of the parents, legal representative or person
taking care of the child. Children over 15 years of age can stay alone in the square after it is full
declareof a parent or legal guardian.

7. Parents and legal guardians under the obligation to supervise the child are responsible for any damage caused
by children under the age of 18.

8. Remove all jewelry and all before entering the gameanything that could hurt you or restrict your freedom of movement. always come in
to the playing area in appropriate clothing and sports shoes.

9. The game time countdown starts when the door is opened and continues until the last task (challenge) is completed. Themselves
you watchtime of the game, the fee is charged after the end of the game, proportionally to the minute.

10. It is recommended to warm up your body before entering!

11. Keep a safe distance between participants to avoidavoid dangerous situations and accidents. Don't overestimate yours
opportunities, take your time, do the tasks with attention to your health.

12. If another group is waiting at the door of the room, that group enters first. Play in order.

13. Occupations are not recommendedsports for pregnant women, epileptics, sensitive people, people with cardiovascular diseases-vascular or
people with other heart conditions.

14. Guests can use key lockers to store their belongings in the cloakroom. Leader and owner of TEPfactrack does not bear
responsibility for the loss or damage of items left in the cloakroom or other places on the premises
sports. In case of loss of the locker key, a fee of PLN 50 will be charged.

15. Customers after finishing the game othey bring downloaded watches to the reception. A fee will be charged if the watch is lost
in the amount of PLN 100.

16. Smoking is completely prohibited throughout the facility. No persons are allowed on the premises
under the influence of alcoholohol or other intoxicants.

17. It is forbidden to bring your own food and drink into the facility.

18. It is forbidden to bring glass into the TEPfactor game area.

19. Any equipment damage or personal injury must be reported immediately to TEP personnelfactor. No later complaints
will be taken into account.

20. Follow the staff's instructions.

21. Ticket prices for admission to the Park are specified in the price list. The purchased ticket is non-refundable. Unused minutes are not
exchanged for cash or vouchers.

    Statement of the participant / guardian

    For a person under the age of 15, the signature of a legal guardian or an authorized person taking care of the child is required. The legal representative (authorized guardian) declares that the child knows the rules of operation of TEPfactor and can play in accordance with all instructions described above. The legal guardian is obliged to stay on the premises of TEPfactor while the child is playing.

    I hereby declare that:

    Date of filling